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We are honored to announce to you that this summer we are igniting the hearts of over 500 “at-risk” youth in five inner cities of our Nation at five major NCAA Universities. Igniting these 500 “at-risk” youth will be lite and led by trust and inspired by the trust from the Student-Athletes of these five NCAA Universities, the United States Marines, and school teachers from these urban cities.

These 500 young hearts and their ignited passion will make a positive impact upon their peers, their families, their communities to bring forward core leadership and character based on respect, trust, and relationships. We are attacking our nation’s inner-city issues by the development of winners in the younger generation that will have relationships of trust from within and around the hosting YIP academic institutions from in their own communities.

We are bringing forward opportunity, access, and trust to our urban “at-risk” youth of all races, creeds, and religions in igniting their hearts to Lead and Win! Among this diversity, this year we are bringing forward “at-risk” Polynesian youth from Honolulu to the University of Hawaii, inspired by our history and heritage with Hawaii.

Ignite your heart!

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Please consider donating to your impact this summer as it will take $500k for 500 “At-Risk” youth to participate in our community-based programs.

The 2017 Youth Impact Programs are:

Coach with his students in the stadium

IN OUR EFFORTS TO REACH 500 YOUTH THIS YEAR, WE NEED DREAM MAKERS LIKE YOU! The Youth Impact Program is a non-profit organization that relies on donations and grants to achieve its mission. Your generous and tax-deductible contributions allow the YIP to continue its mission and we appreciate your participation and generous donation which can be submitted by filling out the below form.

Help Make a Difference for Our “At-Risk” Youth

Your support ensures that YIP can continue to empower at-risk youth nationally! The average cost per child is $1,000 for a two-week program. Support a Youth Impact Program opportunity today:

Funding levels in details
Man shaking hands with the small school children

We would be honored to have you see our programs in action!

Contact our National Office Program Director, Francesca Becerra to schedule your visit


P: 703-778-3411

Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth