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Join us for our 2nd Annual Leadership Summit Fundraising Event next week, Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 2020. Hear from our team across all of our programs providing their leadership insight and knowledge on the impact of YIP.  We are honored to have a former NCAA Student-Athlete from Cass Technical High School, Detroit, and the University of Michigan who is at the forefront of our inner cities across the nation Daryl Carter. Former NCAA Student-Athlete and graduate of the University of Michigan Mrs. Wesley Stewart will be the master of ceremonies and her Dad joining the event as a member of the YIP team and founder of the cause. 

We look forward to seeing you there and raising funds together to enable our YIP programs to develop leaders and winners for our communities! Please join us and invite others to join the event to raise awareness and help fund our programs for next year.

For more information visit our website: YIP 2nd Annual Leadership Event

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Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth