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The Youth Impact Program (YIP) is an innovative summer program and partners with universities across the United States and their local NFL team. The program is staffed by NCAA student athletes, university officials, and public school teachers that act as a catalyst to promote positive development in low-income, urban-based, at-risk middle school male students, between the ages of 10 and 14 years old.

2021 Youth Impact Program Leadership Summit

You are invited to celebrate the great success of YIP as a life-changing experience to propel “at-risk” Youth to overcome unprecedented challenges posed by a global pandemic and social injustice in preparation as our next generation of leaders. So, bring your helmet and let’s KICK OFF 2022 to posture YIP as the Nation’s premier Youth leadership development program! Be a Dream Maker!

COVID-19 Update: YIP is engaged, committed and moving forward safely

We are fully engaged within each and every one of our YIP program areas in their cities, in their universities across the nation and with our youth participants, our student-athlete mentors, public school teachers, Marines, Army Soldiers, US Air Force Airmen and our athletic department staff as we posture our YIP programs for 2022. We have endured, persevered, and stayed dedicated and true to our mission, to our youth and the communities we serve, despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic and social injustice, we have shown grit, leadership and resilience as the Nation’s premier youth leadership development program.

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“We are excited to have our football program working and associated with the Youth Impact Program. This will be a tremendous growth opportunity for the youngsters participating in this program. It will also provide an opportunity for our student-athletes to learn valuable leadership skills as mentors, coaches and teachers.”

- Jim Harbaugh, Head Coach, University of Michigan Football

“The entire Northwestern Football Family is honored to partner with the Youth Impact Program once again this year. During the first NU YIP Camp last summer, it was exciting and energizing to see the positive and profound effect that the strong balance of education and football had not only on the young men from Evanston and Chicago, but also on the Wildcats who were able to serve as mentors and teachers, both in the classroom and on the field. We look forward to continuing our work together now and in the future.”

- Pat Fitzgerald, Head Coach, Northwestern University Wildcats Football Team

“It's wonderful to see these kids here. They are obviously motivated and we need to keep them that way. We are motivating them on the practice field for their sports development, as well as in the classroom for their academic success. I love this program because it emphasizes both. ”

- Former Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice

“This program is one of a great labor of love. It is from the heart. I could not think of a better package for our young people during the summer, to be able to learn new thinking, to learn math, and to learn reading, and to learn the skills of life, along with the great opportunity to focusing on these athletic skills that these boys have! ”

- Congresswoman (TX-18) Sheila Jackson Lee

“This program certainly benefits our at-risk youth and {is} a good opportunity for Stanford University and their students. In these economic challenging times, this private funded program offers an impact to our communities in the south bay area that are in need.”

- Senator (CA) Dianne Feinstein