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This program is a passion and a love of life, it is relevant. I think we all know that in today’s world, in our country today, it’s been relevant. We believe in the diversity of our nation, we believe in the grit of our nation and the youth in our nation in those inner cities across our nation. We believe we are a solution and we are a solution to bringing the social injustice, to bringing the communities together. We have created bridges, bridges of trust within the inner city of the haves and the have-nots. We believe that is about leadership development and the future of our country is about leadership development in these inner-city communities of our nation.

“In all, I found out what its true purpose was this year. It taught me that hard work, leadership, discipline, and grit would get me places where I want to be, working hard on myself each and every day just trying to find out what I need to do to become better has taught me many things. Has progressed me to grow as a person but also as an athlete, in the classroom and on the field.” – A youth participant from our University of Hawaii YIP, Skyden Hanisi.

“It really assisted him in finding his inner voice and understanding how to exercise leadership qualities. Amongst his peers, he’s able to excel in the classroom as well as on the football field. He was able to participate in rigorous physical activity with the Marines which helped him to understand that he could do it. He was able to interact with football coaches on a daily basis and that has, in turn, allowed him to, now, not be nervous or anxious when he encounters football coaches in his recruiting. As a senior, he talks to them effortlessly. He’s able to even be a public speaker… I think it’s a very worthwhile program and without it, a lot of kids will not have the trajectory that they could have.” – A parent from our University of Michigan YIP, Carin Poole.

“We’re crystal clear in the fact that our success lies in a common purpose and burning desire to provide a life-changing transformational experience focused on leadership development, academics, and athletics to build scholar-athlete leaders who believe in themselves and possess the leadership skills along with the realization that they are in fact our next generation of leaders. We genuinely believe in our youth’s potential. What if we can reach them, we can spark self-awareness and a belief that each one of them is special with unique skills and something to offer. Our approach is the provide a world-class event something the youth will never forget placing them front and center.” – Trey Johnson, Academic Director for Hawaii YIP.

“When we statistically analyze the numbers, we found that parents describe the interrelationship as significantly dependent upon each other and post-program activity with most significant linking the leadership piece. So, what does that mean? The leadership has been provided to everybody through our military and then supported with mentorship from the university student-athletes. This is amazing! It changed student’s post-program academic scores, increases their positive behaviors, in and outside the home, and their personal responsibility levels. These are what the parents are telling me. They are saying that after experiencing this program their kids have changed. That they are different, and they are better for it. The leadership development is the key to all the significant outcomes that we’ve seen so far.” – Andie Jump, National YIP’s Director of Research and Analytics.

Be part of something great in your life, be relevant, be part of this. I just want to thank each of you for considering it and welcome you to our team. We’re taking this, we’re winning with this!

Riki Signature

Riki M. Ellison
Chairman & Founder

Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth