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Score board with the pics of different teams

Dear Dreamers, Dream Makers, Friends and Igniters of Change,

Winners associate with winners and we are undefeated! All five of our Youth Impact College Universities won this weekend. Maryland led the charge with a big win over Texas, Michigan crushed Florida, Army ripped Fordham, Hawaii went 2-0 and Northwestern handled Nevada with ease. Here are the final scores:

University of Maryland 51 – University of Texas 41

University of Michigan 33 – Florida State University 17

US Military Academy West Point 64 – Fordham University 6

University of Hawaii 41– Western Carolina University 18

Northwestern University 31– University of Nevada 20

Players playing the game and enjoying

We also would like to congratulate and recognize all of our YIP Student Athletes/Mentors who made the 2017 NFL rosters that were announced on Saturday:

Syracuse – Offensive Guard, Justin Pugh – NY Giants

University of Southern California – Tight End, Rhett Ellison – NY Giants

University of Michigan – Defensive Back, Jabrill Peppers – Cleveland Browns

University of Southern California – Offensive Tackle, Matt Kalil – Carolina Panthers

University of Southern California – Quarterback Matt Cassel – Tennessee Titans

Stanford University – Tight End, Austin Hooper – Atlanta Falcons

Northwestern University – Linebacker, Anthony Walker Jr. – Indianapolis Colts

Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth