Reliance Unifies, YIP Moves Forward to 2021!

May 19, 2020

We are with all of you in grit, spirit and soul to protect, to heal, to commiserate and overcome the worldwide pandemic that has touched each and every one of us. We are one team as we see this crisis strengthening our bonds of trust with each other, with our communities, with our programs in unification against a common threat to our well-being and our lives. We recognize the diversity of our nation, the diversity of how to best get through and respect each individual’s decision for their dynamic and evolving environment. Faith and Belief will get us through it, and it is faith and belief in collective love and support from a one team, one community mentality that we all have.

We are with each and every one of our YIP program areas in their cities, in their universities across the nation and with our youth participants, our student athlete mentors, our public school teachers, our Marines, our Army soldiers and our athletic department staff as we postpone our programs to next year in 2021. We are ensured that it is in the best interest for all those involved especially our youth to wait to heal, recover, and gather our strength. It is with a heavy heart knowing that the communities we have served will be the ones that will be affected the most by this pandemic and it is with a enlightened heart we have grit, leadership and resilience in these same communities.

The health and safety of our entire YIP family across the nation, is and always has been our top priority. YIP will continue to monitor the ever-evolving situation and adjust our support to those challenged by these extraordinary circumstances. Our organization is fortunate to have inspired, taught and led strong leaders across the country, and YIP believes they are best positioned to make the right decisions for their communities during this time of crisis. We are keeping the faith that we will come out the other side of this stronger than ever. You all are in our thoughts and we are dreaming big now more than ever with you!

Dream big, fight on, and stay strong!