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Team Discussing and listening to the instructor

We come to you from a solemn weekend of disparity, frustration, and chaos sparked by the injustice that severs trust and respect between the institutions, law, and the personal plights of the inner city populous that are strained in a crescendoing pandemic. The passion of injustice feet deep is to be reconciled and forms of reconciliation are taking place and have to take place. These platforms provide a release and search for dialogue to address the social inequities, the lawlessness, and disrespect of lives, property, and communities. Life is not fair nor just, and we must continue to fight through the injustice and the pandemonium that comes with it. We must regain trust to widen the conversation to make a change and make the impossible possible by one real action after another with the intent of trust, forgiveness, and betterment.

We come to you with open discourse for step-by-step actions as we climb together to conquer the trust mountain of extraordinary cliffs, downfalls, and immense challenges. Up that mountain, we must climb on a trail leading somewhere rather than nowhere, and we are trailblazing together since the beginning of 2006 out in South Central Los Angeles. It is what our organization is founded on to bridge the divide and social inequity. It is our mission to bring trust, relationships, and education in Impact to our at-risk youth and have done so in 36 programs across 14 inner cities of our country to over 3,000 at-risk youth. We have done it together with our Student-Athletes, our Academic Universities and their staff, our Public School Teachers, our Marines and Soldiers, and you. Our programs were founded and built to provide a solution for many to overcome injustice, by providing access to relationships of trust, respect, and love that enable knowledge and learning within the community from the community and upbringing.

We stand strong together in resolve, committed to creating lasting change and a positive impact on the youth participants, their families, and their communities. We continue to strive to build bridges on our trail of dialogue and trust between the Institution and the Inner city. We must not shy away, We will not shy away, We must forge on upward through whatever the circumstances are. We have to lead together in solidarity in resolve and spirit of intent to make the change. We are a very small light in the darkness of social injustice and we will continue to shine our light and will provide more light, lifting up our future, our youth, and communities to Shine.

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Be a light!

Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth