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Hawaii Youth Impact Program

In your dream making role that has enabled us to ignite the hearts of our youth to dream big, trust their own community academic institutions, establish relationships that propel their dreams, gather skills of respect, discipline, and academic dominance in making permanent impact forever in their lives, we are providing you a perspective and condensed summary of the successes of each of our 5 Youth Impact Programs across 5 major urban cities of our Nation that have taken place this summer.

Our program today we are highlighting for your awareness is the newest program and a very special one in its Polynesia roots. The Hawaiian community came together on this magnificent gathering of diversity with our Hawaii Youth Impact Program and the youth from Honolulu.

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Team of football players
Students doing exercise
Group of students

This Youth Impact Program is a phenomenal inspiration from the Hawaiian community who all came together as one, led by all of us, but especially Roy Yamaguchi.

The program is a reflection of the University of Hawaii and its winning leadership of Head Coach Nick Rolovich in his commitment to the community with his student-athletes, and the staff of the Athletic Department of the University of Hawaii, the United States Marines, and the United States Army. They were the dream makers and igniters of hearts for these boys from Honolulu.


Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth