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The 2023 Alexandria Youth Impact Program provides the conditions to Dream

Alexandria Youth Impact Program (YIP) is back! On June 23rd, the 2023 Alexandria YIP wrapped up a one-week Leadership Development Program. It was great to have YIP participants from last year excited to return. Their demonstrated example was evident from the beginning, and set the tone, as we introduced the program and welcomed new participants to YIP. We focused on a dynamic curriculum of STEM-based academics, combined with key life skills that included the YIP Ethos and Values reinforced by the military mentors from the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force. Alexandria YIP is unique in that we also team up with the local community in order to be successful. The Alexandria City Public School (ACPS) and the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority (ARHA) are key organizations providing resources and access to at-risked youth. “This is only our second year,” said Robin Fortner, Program Director, “parents, teachers, and students, are already looking forward to next year. I can tell that YIP has made a significant impact in the city of Alexandria and excited to the continued growth in the years to come.”

Throughout the week, the students were challenged and trained by expert athletes and coaches. Each day introduced a different physical activity that encompassed the value of strong teamwork, increasing their confidence and trust in one another. Along with Football, Basketball, and Track, the youth were introduced to Rugby. For some, it was their first introduction of not only the concept of Rugby but also to its existence. One student exclaimed how she never even heard the word “rugby” before YIP. Scott Fox, the founder of Champion Playbook describes this impact as a nudge “towards adopting a growth-oriented mindset that will benefit them, (YIP Youth), in the future. Getting children to try new things was a big victory for Alexandria YIP.”

The presence of our military is invaluable. Our mentors exude the tenets of leadership and discipline that parallels YIP. Alexandria YIP was proud to have mentors from the US. Navy support for the first time in YIP history. The military mentors formed strong connections with each of the participants, quickly establishing an atmosphere of unity and teamwork within the classrooms. One young girl spoke about how the mentors stressed values such as showing respect towards others and how she, after watching firsthand how the military mentors demonstrated these values, also sought to emulate these values she was seeing during the program. “They showed us how you can work together and show respect for one another, despite your differences.” Many participants who had not previously met, forged friendships. Several youths were given leadership roles in the classrooms, fostering and building their confidence through close mentorship from the mentors. One mentor said how he identified with these students, and how he felt it was important to let them know that he had also been in their shoes when he was younger. “I was very small growing up, like some of the kids here. I want them to know it’s all about having confidence in what you do. It doesn’t matter how old or how tall you are – it’s about the effort you put in.”

Alexandria YIP Dreams Big and continues to give these students the conditions to win and live their Dreams.

Youth of Alexandria YIP studies STEM to prepare for the future.

Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth