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Kanaloa Kamamawa with Dream Card at Hawaii YIP Graduation Closing Ceremonies, June 23 2023


Hawaii is Dreaming Big through the Youth Impact Program! It has completed its Boys 6th year at the University of Hawaii establishing tremendous growth, active engagement, solid community contributions, academics, and a supercharged STEM program.

Dream Cards from the 2023 Hawaii Youth Impact Program


The Dream Card is the positive impact and commitments that each of the participants create, own, and take with them – guiding their lives in a positive growth-oriented mindset forever. We made the changes to inspire guidance to permanently increase their motivation in academics, sports, and life. They will continue to follow their Dream Cards, live the Ethos, Core Values, and to Dream Big, and keep the positive power forward in addition to having the courage to make the right decisions.

Our Hawaii Youth Impact Ethos:

“Do the right thing at the right time for the right reason.”

I WILL always place my family and team first.

I WILL never quit of accept defeat.

I WILL always treat ALL people with respect.

I WILL always set the example for others to follow.

YIP Values

Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage

The Highlights and continued personal development are evident in every dream card that reflects the inspired call to action from every experience. Life-changing experiences throughout this year’s program included several dynamic and engaging guest speakers – including Navy Seals, former Professional Football Players, and others. The Army Field Trip to Ft. DeRussy was captivating and engaging in the 5 specific areas of communication, medicine, fitness, history, and the tour of the U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii. The museum tour solidified the passion and perseverance of commitment and contribution at the highest level – and viewing the Gallery of Heroes and their legendary inspiring contributions created a life-changing mindset and vision for all.

Additionally, highlighting our Hawaii YIP STEM Director’s contribution, Bryan Silver, effectively delivered a complete STEM understanding through his engaging STEM presentations on Helmets, Footwear, and Field – Turf. Bryan’s insights pushed the understanding from the history through the engineering and development changes over the years bringing us to the present in understanding the engineering, science, and technology improvements for safety and protection.

Daily, our Military Mentors gave their full attention through their guidance and positive reinforcement effectively developing a winning mindset demonstrated through the YIP ETHOS and daily inspiring presentations on the YIP Core Values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage!

Hawaii Head Football Coach Timmy Chang inspiring at the Hawaii YIP Closing Ceremonies, June 23 2023


Head Coach Timmy Chang’s University of Hawaii football players and coaches demonstrated that winners associate with winners through making the right decisions, actions, challenges, and adjustments and connecting teamwork, passion, perseverance, goals, ETHOS, and Values to life.

Looking at the finished Dream Card of each participant tells the story of our Youth Impact Program here at the University of Hawaii and the future of each participant – inspired to take action and continue to put in the effort and attitude to Dream Big and live their dreams!

MG Brian Gibson AAMDC Commander US ARMY inspiring at the Hawaii YIP Closing Ceremonies, June 23 2023


The energized closing graduation ceremony led by the President of the University Hawaii, Dr. David Lassner, Major General Brian Gibson, 94th AAMDC Commanding General US Army, and Head Football Coach Timmy Chang, brought cheers and abundance of Aloha to the field from parents, families, friends, student-athletes, and participants. The closing program showcased the extremely valuable return on our investment in leadership, facilities, community contributions, guidance, and academics.

Dreaming Big with Aloha

Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth