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Our Michigan YIP 2017 kicked off the program last night with over one hundred middle-school-aged student participants for a Draft Night held at Cass Tech High School in Detroit. The Michigan Football Student-Athlete mentors, which is compromised of the sophomore class and led by four juniors, welcomed our YIPsters recognizing them on stage.  Cass Tech alum was also on stage giving the students their commemorative jerseys.

Michigan YIP Program Director, Albert Karschnia says “I think it’s important because it really is giving them a foundation to go into high school and excel on whatever path they’re trying to pursue. I think it gives them an opportunity to see what it takes to become a student-athlete at the University of Michigan or just at a very high level.”

Not only was it a thrilling experience for the students, as they got to spend some time with current Michigan football players, but it also provided a great opportunity for the Michigan football staff to meet with the students and parents alike. Wolverine247’s Isaiah Hole covers the story Read More

We are bringing it to make our inner cities better- we are changing lives!!! Watch the video here:

Artist standing on the hall

Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth