Tulane YIP 2008

July 6, 2008 - Apr 19, 2015

Tulane Enrichment Activities

  • Audubon Zoo
  • Trip to SAINTS NFL team complex
  • Rock and Bowl Bowling Alley
  • Guest Speakers: Tulane head coach Bob Toledo, an Athletic Trainer; Career Service┬áprofessionals; and Marcus Greene (attorney).

Program Overview

  • 72 participated in the program at Tulane University.
  • 96% of students reported enjoyed the YIP program quite a bit or totally.

Most boys had a host of academic, cultural, and environmental experiences that they have never had before. Further, these boys accomplished things both physically and academically that did not know they could do. Together, these experiences built a positive sense of self, increased self-confidence and built personal resources and internal resiliency that will aid them well into the future. Specifically, YIP evaluation efforts indicated that significant events for these boys included:

    • Completing a novel (chapter book), which over 50% had never done previously
    • Visiting museums, institutions of higher learning, and professional sport facilities
    • Meeting professional sports idols who reinforced positive role models
    • Interacting on a daily basis with college student role models
    • Building meaningful relationships with non-parental adults who care about their future
    • Building a network of peers who have the same experience, from their own school and beyond, and will serve as a positive reference and support group
    • Learning to play a sport with the help of world-class athletes
    • Learning to follow rules and cooperate as a team
    • Developing personal aspirations for success and a lifelong love of football and learning