We Went Big

Mar 15, 2018

Welcome to the our House, the big House.

We had a remarkable day of success and bringing together our gold standard for YIP in breaking the envelopes of performance for our upcoming program and sealing those envelopes of expectations of excellence. We will excel to heights of never before in programming, in program structure, in teachers, staff, student athletes, marines and program director involvement – we have the immensity of resources behind the University of Michigan and we have the endorsement and leadership of one of nation’s best football coaches, Jim Harbaugh to make our impact on our at-risk youth greater then it’s ever been and push leadership development to new levels in winning at life.

We are all in together to change courses of lives in Detroit with relationships to better the community and provide access and support to make Dreams come true in making our nation a better nation.

Going big in the big house!