Abundance Amongst Us

Nov 24, 2020

This 2020 year, has brought on many challenges, but it has also brought a wealth of gratitude and an abundance of fortified strength from all of us in overcoming adversity. After 14 years, we are extremely grateful for all of our participants, our developing leaders and each of you for giving them the tools and resources to overcome the challenges of 2020. No matter how big or how small, our YIP participants Win for their families, their friends and their communities. Our mission is to grow lasting impacts of positive change through leadership from within all of our communities. Thanksgiving might look a little different for you and your family and friends this year, but more than ever, we are thankful that we have embraced our families and friends in our communities to overcome the challenges of 2020.

On behalf of all of us at the Youth Impact Program, THANK YOU!

Enjoy the Abundance of Thanksgiving!