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As we gathered together for Thanksgiving, we affirmed our gratefulness for the Impact we have been able to make – inspiring and making positive powerful change in our at-risk young girls, young boys and their collective families – for the betterment of our community and nation over this past year.

We are associated with Winners and we develop Winners – On the field of play and off the field of play. We breathe Winning: we give it, we help to make it and we set the conditions for it. We have been at the core, the foundation and the beginning of dreaming big with our first Girls program and with the continuation of our Boys programs that began in 2006 at the University of Southern California. We associate with Winning and We celebrate two audacious Wins of dominance, belief, leadership and outstanding decision making under pressure at the right time this past weekend.

Our oldest continual program: Jim Harbaugh came into the University of Michigan and put forward our Michigan YIP for the Community of Detroit and the development of his players, making them all Winning Leaders, defining Winning Culture, and inspiring and making believers out of our inner-city youth and their families in Detroit. The #2 ranked program in the Nation making a tremendous statement by its Win in Columbus this weekend.

Our youngest program: Jedd Fisch, before his first season at the University of Arizona, he put forward our Arizona YIP for the Tucson Community and the development of his players, making them all Winning Leaders, defining Winning Culture and embedding it in our YIP youth from Tucson. The turnaround with a 5-game winning season and beating their rival ASU this past weekend was spectacular for Tucson and our YIP youth.

Together we have created cauldrons of excellence to dream big and be big across our nation from sea to shining sea. It is honorable, virtuous, and visionary. We have made an impact together that changes lives and we want to celebrate that, recognize that and lead that into 2023 to dream bigger, to give bigger, and to live the dream of giving dreams back to dreamers that make dreams happen. We live to dream of the fulfillment of life and make our nation, our community, and humankind better than it is. We have a mission which we fulfill through the support of the angels such as you.

Please consider our Youth Impact Program for Giving Tuesday as we invite you to support YIP’s work in building dreams, creating winners, associating with winners, and creating the conditions for our youth to flourish.

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YIP updated factsheet august 3 2022

Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth