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Dear Dreamers and Dream Makers,

As we march into the celebrations of the 4th of July, we also have begun our march to change lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. One by One, all shapes all sizes, diversity of cultures, creeds, and colors stepping off, ready to march to change their lives. Full of youth, energy, young hearts, and young minds wanting to find courage and belief in themselves from others and from themselves.

Football players playing on the stadium

This begins our second year of the program here tucked away below the Wasatch Mountains where the skies are bright blue without limits and the mountains are there to be climbed.

Three big red busloads full from around the Salt Lake City metro vast area picked up these young dreamers and have cast them out to us at the University of Utah for an adventure of a lifetime, an Odyssey of learning cauldrons that will forever be embedded and never forgotten. These young 100+ boys are surrounded by our Utah YIP dream makers that will lead, guide, love, and mentor them in their change of mind, change of perceptions, limits, trust, and of deeds at the University of Utah. Marines, Public School Teachers from Salt Lake City, the University of Utah Scholar-Athletes, and the Staff of the University of Utah Football program unify together as one tremendous effective unified changer that will become one with all the youth in a lifetime experience that will produce positive change in their communities.

Football players on the stadium

Go UTES – Dream Make!

Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth