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Dear Dream Makers,

Students of Alexandria YIP joyful working together in teams

The Alexandria Youth Impact Program (YIP) is underway and making social change with viability within the community. On June 13th, 2022, registered students from the Alexandria City Pubic Schools and Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority (ARHA) boarded chartered School Buses headed towards Cora Kelly School for Math, Science, and Technology, to embark on a different life-changing experience. Met by military mentors from the United States Army and Air Force, participants were indoctrinated into a “team” environment from the onset.

This program is the first of its kind. The Alexandria YIP is different from any other of our YIP program, in that its presence is located at the heart of the community and without the support of a University or major Academic Institution. It is also the very first time, young female participates are integrated with their male peers. The vision to address societal issues directly head on resulted in a recruitment campaign and awareness of the program originally taking place in the low-income neighborhoods face to face with Parents. Through the partnership with Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority, YIP continues to maintain a transparent relationship with parents daily. Students of Alexandria YIP enjoy working together in teams.

Alexandria YIP students learning STEM

The YIP Staff are met daily by the many challenges facing the youth, both academically and personally. Guided by Ethos and Traits, positive behavior is reinforced daily. Providing this type of experience is a team effort between students, teachers and mentors. “It has already been a transformative first week”, said Robin Fortner, Program Director, Alexandria Youth Impact program. The YIP Ethos are a way of life that affects decision making, participants recite them and are reminded often how to redirect behavior:

I will always place my family and team first.

I will never quit or accept defeat.

I will always treat ALL people with respect.

I will always set the example for others to follow.

The YIP program is a two week program designed to provide STEM based academics with Life Skills, Character Development and Athletics. The program provides free transportation from within Alexandria City limits, two meals a day, YIP TShirt and all athletic and school supplies. The impact is infectious and students are enabled to Dream Big and WIN! Social Change is happening in Alexandria, Virginia.

Live the Dream to Give the Dream,


Riki Ellison

Founder and Chairman 

Youth Impact Program

515 King Street, Suite 330

Alexandria, VA 22314





Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth