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View of a big stadium

Dear Dreamers and Dream Makers,

At an altitude of 4,665 feet above sea level, 400 feet above downtown Salt Lake City, and at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains- the Youth Impact Program has soared to its highest altitude ever this week with the start of our program at the University of Utah.

Utah is going big with the Youth Impact Program, and we’re setting another record of our diversity, experience, and impact in hosting our programs across the nation.

Utah football Head Coach Kyle Whittingham and Program Director Jeff Rudy set the tone for the Utah Youth Impact Program in March of this year, determined to make a big impact on at-risk youth AND on the student-athletes, coaches, school teachers, and U.S. Marines who are running the program with us!

Boys doing practice on the ground

While this program is designed to make the greatest impact on the participating pre-high school youth to develop and learn academic and other life skills, you can’t help but notice the tremendous impact on those running the program as well.

The teachers and Academic Director are not only in the classroom but are out on the field encouraging and inspiring these young people from the Salt Lake City area to soar to new heights. The football players are helping out in the classrooms, inspiring and providing positive examples for the kids. The Marines and coaches are omnipresent, not only showing these at-risk youth that they care, but leading and lending a helping hand when the going gets tough. It’s the team that makes the impact.

Boys sitting in the classroom

A conversation overheard on day two of the program sums it up. When one of the participants ran up, gave one of the Utes a big hug, and exclaimed, “This is my best summer ever!” The response was, “It’s only going to get better!” Or add the oft-heard comment all week long: “These kids are amazing”.

Boys and instructors sitting in the restaurant and eating

Over 40 student-athletes, coaches, school teachers, and athletic trainers, and Marines are on hand every day in a team effort to make a difference at Utah. They are all winners. The feeling of caring and achievement is palpable. The Ute program is bringing out the best in our at-risk population and inspiring a better future for them and our communities. It impacts for the long haul.

Running with the Utes!

Boys running on the ground

Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth