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Boys playing on the ground

At the base of the Wasatch Mountain Range in Salt Lake City, we held our University of Utah Youth Impact Program this summer with an avid commitment from Head Coach Kyle Whittingham to give back and further develop the community of Salt Lake City. The support of the program from the participating youth, their families, and friends were stupendous, due to the commitment, belief, and love of this program from all participants involved. Our program provided a tremendous layering of positive experiences for our youth, Student-Athlete mentors, Marines and everyone involved throughout the entire course of the program that displayed the heart and core of our mission, with actions being done selflessly, and for the right reasons of making a positive impact on the community for the community. Pure – 100% Pure.

We are proud of our academic accomplishments in our second year with the University of Utah Youth Impact Program, following the execution of a comprehensive STEM focused academic curriculum resulting in the following academic test results:

Utah YIP Academic Test results:

Language Arts: 23% increase
Science: 11% increase
Arithmetic: 11% increase
Multiplication: 24% increase

We thank the Teachers of the Public Schools of Salt Lake City for their hard work and effort to make an academic impact on the youth in their communities.

The Marines were spectacular, many of them from Utah, and put forward the discipline, respect, and inherent love of duty to sacrifice for others to our youth. We thank the Marines. Semper Fi.

Players standing on the ground

The Student Athletes demonstrated how they were developed as leaders for each other on the field, and also shared experiences as leaders off the field with our youth in life skills training to prepare themselves and each other for the future and pursue their leadership of life. A true inspiration for all our youth participants and our student athletes to attain leadership of respect and selflessness.

We thank the Utah Football Student Athletes for inspiring, leading, and making a lasting impact on our youth participants that will never be forgotten.

Boys sitting on the ground

It is the gratitude of many that we recognize and exemplify the actions of our leaders from the University of Utah YIP that made this program a tremendous success. Led by Pablo Cano, an East Los Angeles native, who reflects the leadership, grit and passion for education that are from our youth and that we instill in our youth.

The Marines, the Student Athletes of the University of Utah Football Team, the Public School Teachers of Salt Lake City, the Athletic Staff of the University of Utah all came together to make a powerful impact on the youth of Utah under our program!

All In! 100% Pure

Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth