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Boys standing on the playing ground

In this unprecedented time of worldwide crisis, it is refreshing to share joy and happiness of Big Dreams coming True. There is a pleasure of releasing our heavy spirits weighted for the future by watching the normalcy of the NFL Draft take place. It brings a happy lightness to dream with your favorite team and players in winning. A fresh start for all and a dream come true for all as we can cheer, applaud and get excited for dream makers drafted and for our dream teams being everything we dreamed.

Coach teaching players

We too, all of our YIP dreamers are attached emotionally and SUPER excited to see one of our own YIP leaders, champions, and inspirations to our youth be one of the 32 first-round NFL drafts picks last night. Cesar Ruiz, from the University of Michigan, was the No. 24 overall pick for the New Orleans Saints. His dream-making, his charity, his humility, his gratitude, his leadership is inspiring to all of us and to all of our participating youth he championed and taught in the Michigan Youth Impact Program last summer, and all of them from Detroit, Michigan.

A big Hail for Cesar and the University of Michigan for achieving dreams that look impossible but are possible through the development of championing trust, courage, commitment, and love together, one community, one team, to win in life, to make dreams come true. It’s all a wonderful experience to share in such a challenging time for Detroit.
This is the generation of leaders that will lead the recovery and prosperity of the nation. This is the generation of leaders that will lead the recovery and prosperity of the nation. We are in awe of them.

Lady talking to a man

Winners are associative with Winners to Win and Dreamers associate with Dreams to Win!

GO BIG, BE BIG, AND DREAM BIG! This marks 6 YIP student-athletes over the past four years that have been drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft.

Who dat gonna beat dem Saints!


Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth