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YIP Chairman and Founder, Riki Ellison, was in Canton, Ohio this week participating in the NFL Foundation-USA Football Youth Summit. Mr. Ellison was selected to be an NFL Ambassador representing Virginia, joining 11 current NFL players and 20 former NFL players in promoting the love of the game, education on making the game safer, and increasing awareness on concussions, their impacts, and their prevention.

Mr. Ellison was trained in the same USA Football “Heads Up Football” initiative that our student-athlete mentors underwent prior to this year’s YIP, and the safe tackling techniques being coached during the entire program this summer at Stanford.<

The summit’s focus on football health and safety strongly reflects YIP’s commitment to being at the forefront of preventative football training.

“There is no better venue or program that appeals to “moms” and parents to encourage and allow their sons to play the game of football than the academic, life skills, and football instruction at the Stanford Youth Impact program,” said Mr. Ellison.

Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth