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(Top Left: Mr. Riki Ellison, Founder of Youth Impact Program; Mayor Rick Blangiardi, City of Honolulu; Senator Ron Kouchi, State Senate President; Coach Laura Beeman, Head Coach, UH Women’s Basketball; Coach Chris Brown, Assistant Head Coach, UH Football; COL Matt Dalton, US Army Pacific)


With an abundance of Aloha, we are honored to kick off our 50th and 51st Youth Impact Program to the 50th State of the United States, our 2024 Boys Hawaii YIP (June 10 through June 21) and our 2024 Girls Hawaii YIP (July 10 through July 20). We gathered Winners to associate with Winners to develop Winners in our kickoff luncheon in Waikiki Honolulu hosted by one of our Winners Roy Yamaguchi at his Eating House 1849. Our Hawaii YIP Winners gathered who all have Dreamed Big, Lived their Dreams, and now Give their Dreams to our Hawaii Youth with a significant majority being from economically disadvantaged areas in Hawaii. Our Hawaii Dream Makers of YIP were with us as we put tremendous trust energy leadership and much aloha to our dreamers in setting the conditions to Dream Big and Be Big! Hawaii State Senate President Ron Kouchi, Mayor of Honolulu Rick Blangiardi, COL Matt Dalton representing the United States Army Pacific, Head Coach Laura Beeman of UH Wahine Basketball, and Assistant Coach Chris Brown of UH Football were with us and all put their heart and passion as they spoke to share the aloha.

This year, Hawaii YIP continues the historic legacy of our first girls’ YIP program for the third year. This program is led by UH Wahine Basketball- three-time champions of the Big West women’s conference basketball team and their third consecutive year in the NCAA Women’s Basketball tournament led by their Head Coach Laura Beeman. Coach Beeman continues to build our Youth Impact Program for our young Wahine and her student-athletes to build their confidence to better tackle life and its challenges. She has introduced a multi-dimensional program that includes improv, yoga, Hawaiian Studies, and Mental Health aspects to inspire and support the students. Notably, she had all of her Student-Athletes participate in the program for their leadership development as it was foundational for their success.

“In 2022 when we won the tournament to go to the NCAA it was because of our interaction at YIP and the confidence that those young girls gave my players to step up and be leaders and have a reason why bigger than themselves”
—Head Coach, Laura Beeman

This year, Hawaii YIP continues the historic legacy of our boys Hawaii Boys YIP program for the 7th Year. Led by the University of Hawaii All American Quarterback Timmy Chang, Head Football Coach, for the third year. With his support and many of his student-athletes participating and benefiting in their leadership development as a successful winning team.

“What an amazing program. The mentorship, the leadership, the development to these young men. It gives these young kids the ability to learn, and to focus, and to have goals for the future. You see the joy.”
-Associate Coach Chris Brown

The YIP Kickoff luncheon hosted by one of our founding members of Hawaii YIP- Roy Yamaguchi, at his Eating House 1849 restaurant in Waikiki. Alongside him, another esteemed founding member and leader of the Hawai’i Community- Sharon Brown- who led her relationships to bring resources from the community, for the community, by the community.

The backbone, the heart, the soul support, and all of the help of the Hawaii YIP comes from the local Hawaii Community and Leadership. The First Hawaiian Bank, is our first ever sponsor for Hawaii YIP with a three year $150,000 sponsorship commitment led by Cameron Nekota, which is generous and imperative for the continuance of the program. We recognize the many restaurant sponsors who help provide two meals per day for each child. We also have the continued support from Roberts Hawaii led by Roy Pfund, which start and end our days by bringing our homeless and at-risk youth from all over the island to University of Hawai’i at Manoa so that they are able to access the many wonderful benefits of the program. We are thankful for all of our Dream makers of Hawai’i YIP.

Our Hawai’i YIP boys program runs June 10 through June 21 at the University of Hawaii, and Hawai’i YIP girls program runs July 10 to July 20. Returning for a second year as our Hawaii YIP Director is Siegfried “Ziggy” Ramil, who has been with us in support of past YIP Hawaii programs, served as the master of ceremonies for our luncheon. He continues to be excited about what this program brings to the community, the university, and continues to maximize volunteer support and local resources to build the program.

Dream Big Live your Dream to Give your Dream

We are giving our Dreams to Hawaii YIP 2024 to make Dreams happen!


Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth