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(Right) UofA Athletic Director Desireé Reed-Francois and Riki Ellison (Left) UofA Head Football Coach Brent Brennan and Riki Ellison


The sun is shining bright in Tucson Arizona, earlier this week great love, great leaders with amazing hearts met to announce, dream big, and put to action our 2024 Arizona Youth Impact Program aligning with the two great institutions of Tucson – the University of Arizona and the US Air Force Davis-Monthan Base to make dreams come true for our youth.

We are all heart to announce the first Girls Youth Impact Program with the University of Arizona this year led by Charita Stubbs the Arizona Woman’s Volleyball Head Coach and her Student Athletes. This is Heart gifted as we parallel the tremendous boy’s program in its 4th year led by the new Arizona Football Coach Brent Brennan. All of this sunshine is shining bright from the leadership of the new Arizona Athletic Director Desireé Reed-Francois.

We have set the focus with STEM at this special age of our Tucson Youth in combining the School of Engineering and our Near Space Program there to introduce Engineering Project Management Teams in building platforms for Near Space and flight capabilities! We are engaging the children at the critical age to fall in love with engineering!

Our Heart Print is our leadership and we are honored to announce Dr. Lisa N Salgado as the Arizona Youth Impact Program Director who will lead our young leaders. Our Hearts go out to all of the supporters of this great commitment and actions to make positive significant change in our youth, our community, and our Nation.

We were thankful to have our supporters join us for this announcement, including Jim Krohn, Jon and Heather Volpe, Tucson Conquistadores, Arch Brown, Chuck Pettis, Craig Barker, JP Roczniak, and Scott and Krissie Douglas.

2024 University of Arizona Youth Impact Program for Boys

2024 University of Arizona Youth Impact Program for Girls

Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth