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Michigan YIP youth and families enjoying Draft Night at the Horatio Williams Foundation Center 

Dear Dreamers and Dream Makers,

Hail to the Victors! We drafted our next Victors into the University of Michigan Youth Impact Program. It was a joyous and momentous event where 250 dreamers and believers of the Detriot inner city gathered at The Horatio Williams Foundation Center

The Michigan YIP program returns for it’s sixth year led by Head Coach Jim Harbaugh, his Wolverine Football Program and the University of Michigan. We as one team are recovering, rebounding and resetting Detriot with tremendous energy, commitment and leadership.

Chris Bryant, a former Wolverine from Detriot and our veteran Michigan YIP program director led an inspirational, commanding and informative overview to the youth and parents highlighting the importance of the Letter of Commitment that each youth is required to review and sign in front of their families.

Chris Bryant provides YIP program overview to youth and families

Chris’s sincere quest as a mentor and pillar of the community is unmatched and understands that YIP is one of the most unique and promising opportunities our youth have to redirect their lives and refocus their energies for positive change.

The Michigan YIP has been a mainstay in the greater Detroit community since 2015 and is now set to resume its mission to develop our Detroit inner city youth to be leaders and contributors to the community at large.


Michigan YIP youth participants signing the Letter of Commitment following Draft

Be the Dream! Live the Dream! Give the Dream to Detroit!

Riki Ellison

Founder and Chairman 

Youth Impact Program

515 King Street, Suite 330

Alexandria, VA 22314



Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth