The Dream Making Machine

Aug 29, 2017

Dear Dreamers, Dream Makers, Friends and Igniters of Change,

As our 2017 summer comes to an end, we want to reflect on our ignition of hearts across culture, race and economic status in creating trust, respect, leadership to make our nation better than it is today. Our enablers of NCAA Student Athletes, U.S. Marines, Public School Teachers, the United States Army, Head Coaches, Athletic Department Staff, Community City leaders and the pillars of 5 tremendous Academic learning Institutions have weaved together and forever the fabric of passion, trust and diversity intertwined with unbreakable bonds of our at risk youth in five of our major cities to shape the future in bringing out the best inside each one of them to be their best in contribution to their communities.

It’s pure unfiltered Leadership and it’s from their hearts and that is the only way you can create trust to make change! We did it! And we did it together! The impact is well beyond and above the academic growth that is measurable, remarkable in such a short period of time as noted in our testing.

Our Youth Impact is driven and founded upon the immeasurable Heart, Grit, Talent, Compassion, Respect, Trust and Relationships that we treasure, mark and value this program on for its success and propelling continuation of it. We have seen it eye to eye, heart to heart and we believe it and we Lead.

We take honor and given great respect from the heart to those that have joined our efforts our community teams around this nation to make impact like this.

We are Winners, and you are a Winner as we associate with you to Win as these 500 young youth from the Bronx, Chicago, Detroit, Harlem, Honolulu, and Washington D.C. are Winners.

Let’s Win this battle, win the challenge that besieges our communities and their future together to ignite many more hearts to win.

Thank you for making the impact that is forever!

We believe in you and you are the Change Agents.

Vocab increase of 61%
Math increase of 13%
Lang Arts increase of 33%
Math increase of
Lang Arts increase of 39%
Math increase of
Reading increase of 28%
Math increase of
English increase of 11%
Math increase of
Overall Average Academic Increase of 30%

With kindness and great respect,

The Dream Making Machine!