2014 Test Results

Dec 18, 2014

We are gratified and proud to announce to you the  academic measurable testing results from our students that participated in our two programs this summer. It is further validated that what we are doing is making a difference. Your personal support to Youth Impact Program gave us the opportunity to implement this program, provide the teaching, manage the classroom and give trust, respect and critical life skills to all of our participants.

We would also be remiss not to acknowledge the honor of having the United States Marine Corps involved with our programs leadership development. This includes discipline, character building and respect (thus creating an efficient classroom atmosphere) far greater than what is offered by the public schools. It is greatly beneficial for the students to concentrate and acquire basic academic skills. We were extremely privileged to have a U.S. Marine in every classroom and overseeing the programs. In addition to providing role models for the boys, the U.S. Marine presence promotes leadership development for our participating student athletes serving as mentors as well.

2014  Stanford Youth Impact Academic Testing Results

  • Math- increased score of 17%
  • Vocabulary- increased score of 40%
  • Writing- increased score of 20%

2014  Northwestern Youth Impact Academic Testing Results

  • The Avg. Score of the Pre-Test Math was 6/10 or 60%
  • The Avg. Score of the Post-Test Math was 9.5/10 or 95%
  • An increased score of 35%
  • The Avg. Score of the Pre-Test English (Vocab) was 10/24 or 41%
  • The Avg. Score of the Post-Test English (Vocab) was 21/24 or 88%
  • An increased score of 47%

We as a team are making it happen!

We are going to keep going after it! Not going to let up- As we have and will make dreams happen