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Coach talking with players in the stadium

We are making Dreams happen today!!! With our United States Military Academy at West Point program with youth from New York City and our University of Michigan program with youth from Detroit beginning today at these two campuses, changing lives begins now! We have our best of the best in leadership development bringing their courage, their energy, and their skills, and their background forward upon these young lives.

We were with the 19 West Point Cadets last night in providing them with the intent and expectations of the program and its impact. Our program manager for the West Point Program is being led by Firstie Abby Vorhaus Cadet Commander. She along with 7 of the cadets are women that are leading the impact for West Point.

Man speaking in the webinar and people sitting in the hall

Today we are with this program at West Point on its first day. It is inspiring to watch, to listen, and to see real leadership taking place.

In addition over the weekend, our University of Hawaii YIP held its draft on Saturday evening.

Kids participating in the Hawaii Youth Impact Program
Kid filling a form to participate in the program

We are making a positive impact and leading to make our communities better and our nation better.

Going Big and you are going Big with us.

Making Dreams into Reality

“You will always have what you give today 
The more you give, the more you will keep”
-Dwight Eisenhower 

Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth