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Hawaii Youth Impact Program Participants and their Families attend Hawaii Rainbow Wahine women’s basketball game on December 3, 2023


Aloha Dreamers and Dream Makers,

One of our very best Dream Makers, Head Coach Laura Beeman and the Hawaii Rainbow Wahine women’s basketball team of the University of Hawaii honored, dedicated, and brought our young girls and their families from our Hawaii Youth Impact Program to their home game this week. The YIP families filled the stands with enthusiasm, energy, and admiration for their heroes, the student-athletes on the court. We even had a YIP wave!

Coach Beeman and the team wearing Hawaii Youth Impact Shirts was a unified statement of their love of the Hawaii YIP. It was very special to all of us there.


Head Coach Laura Beeman and Hawaii Rainbow Wahine women’s basketball staff wearing Hawaii Youth Impact Program t-shirts, December 3, 2023


The University of Hawaii also chose the game to be their military appreciation game and honored the Army UH ROTC LTC Jerrod E. Melander who also supported and led the Hawaii YIP programs this past summer.


LTC Jerrod E. Melander and Mr. Riki Ellison at the Hawaii Rainbow Wahine women’s basketball game on December 3, 2023


We too were brought on to the court and recognized. The power of love, giving, and leading – wonderful


Making our Hawaii YIP dreams come true for our young girls and young women

Live the Dream to Give the Dream


Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth