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A boy talking to the trainer

Dear Dream Makers, Dreamers, and Friends,

We are at it, full go, and full-on! Team Michigan YIP 2019 is making a change in powerful ways. It is truly an amazing program with amazing results led by amazing people.

Our Detroit Public School Teachers are loving this program as they are not challenged to manage the disruptions in the classroom. The educational issues of a public school teacher in Detroit are lifted to make it possible for them to do what they love to do best, and that is TEACH. They are getting up early in the morning creating their lesson plans for the love of TEACHING and they are seeing significant results. It is so empowering to see the passion of our teachers without restraint.

Our Student-Athletes are exceptional in their passion for this opportunity to lead, to take ownership, and to be the role model the young boys look up to. Each and every day they are incorporating trust through actions, empathy, humility, and connections. Our YIP student-athletes too are sacrificing their time by getting up early to do their workouts prior to when the young boys show up at 8 am.

Our Marines are steadfast and honorable in their repetition in making the individual a team player and individual accountable for the whole team. One team, one effort, everyone contributes to that effort and earns respect by giving respect.

Our young boys from the local Detroit area are proving to be leaders and the best. These dedicated boys are proving to themselves that they always put the team first, never quit, respect everyone, and be the example for others to follow. Every day they fine-tune and improve on their character and leadership development. The most impressive aspect of the program is their desire to work on their skills at home and come back better and ready to learn more the next day. It is that echo loud piercing, an unavoidable three words, over and over that each young boy hears, believes, internalizes, and loves from everyone associated with the University of Michigan YIP- Staff, Student-Athletes, Teachers, Marines, Coaches, etc…


Coach training the players
Coach talking to the player

Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth