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Across the country, we together have made a difference for a decade, one boy at a time in making an impact in cities where our nation struggles with inequality and poverty. We took the time this weekend to visit with some of our mentors and student-athletes that lead our University of Michigan program in Detroit. One of many of the leaders, Jabrill Peppers from our program in 2015, had an outstanding game this past Saturday as did his team. The University of Michigan is currently ranked #4 in the nation. We received a great letter of support for our efforts from the President of the University and a note from Head Coach Jim Harbaugh for our efforts with their students and university.

Over 10 years, with our partnering universities, we have accomplished and brought into inner cities across the nation increased academic test scores and leadership for underprivileged “at-risk” youth. We will continue to bring life skills, leadership, access, and we will continue to help develop trust between two cultures within the same community.

Thank you for being on a great team with us.

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YIP Coverage

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“Stay out of the situation on there in the streets, you’ll be perfect” – YIP Participant, Daniel Wynn. Watch Now

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“A greater impact on me than I had on the ” – University of Michigan Student-Athlete.          Read Now

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Interview with Riki Ellison talking with The Michigan Insider (WTKA) about the University of Michigan YIP.                  Listen Now

Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth