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Dear Dreamers and Dream Makers

We brought our A-game last night to Training Day at the University of Maryland in molding our leadership teams of Student-Athletes, Marines, and Teachers to have our intent, our expectations, and execution to ignite the hearts and minds of our at-risk youth Maryland YIP from Washington D.C. and PG County.

Our lead Dream Maker, winner, a warrior from Brooklyn, New York City served last year as the Commanding General Marine Forces Pacific, and previous  2nd Marine Division Commanding General, also previous 1st Marine Expeditionary Force Commanding General and is on our YIP Board, spoke from his heart, soul and vast experience to train our Maryland YIP igniters of passion to learn, to lead, to respect and to win. Retired Lt General John Toolan.

Lt Gen John Toolan Ret Marine breaking it down to our MD team to make a change in this community

John educated the room, using the Wizard of Oz as the be-all, end all in false perception as it is the journey on the yellow brick road of resilience and training that brings heart, courage, and mind to be within not some wizard.

Help us lead young hearts, minds, and souls onto the yellow brick road of YIP!

We ain’t in Kansas anymore!

Yippee Yai Yay

Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth