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Boys standing for the photograph

Aloha Dreamers and Dream Makers,

At the University of Hawaii, we have gathered multiple diverse cultures representing the Pacific to gain trust, develop relationships and create a unified team to make our community here in Hawaii better. It is leadership development, it’s winning development and takes the same skills, the same trust to win whether it is among nations across the Pacific or the diversity among the different races here in Hawaii unlike anywhere in the United States.

We are honored and extremely privileged as a collective group, team, village, and community to bring forth our second year of the Hawaii Youth Impact Program at the University of Hawaii. With the abundant aloha spirit that only this place in the world has, this cauldron of academic and athletic excellence is making an impact that will forever change lives and elevate social action to give back to the community.

Boys along with their instructors posing for the photograph

We have enjoyed watching this program excel beyond our greatest expectations. We are changing lives on the islands of Hawaii, leading by action and aloha.

We are back to our roots of the Pacific to fertilize and grow our Banyan tree of life to the sky.

Group of students in white dress uniform standing for the photograph
Group of boys posing for the photograph on the playground

One Islands, One Team, Abundant Impacts



Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth