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West Point Impact Program

In your dream making role that has enabled us to ignite the hearts of our youth to dream big, trust their own community academic institutions, establish relationships that propel their dreams, gather skills of respect, discipline, and academic dominance in making permanent impact forever in their lives, we are providing you a perspective and condensed summary of the successes of each of our 5 Youth Impact Programs across 5 major urban cities of our Nation that have taken place this summer.

We start with the United States Military Academy at West Point and the youth from New York City out of Harlem and the Bronx.

Boy repairing machine

Academic Development

Most of the students considered themselves good at math and they also enjoyed it, however, most did not care about English to the point where the essay was not completed. Over the detail, students’ grades, confidence in answering questions, and overall classroom skills improved. Sentence structure and general flow of information were visible in the final essays. The classroom attitude is something to note. While it is difficult to measure, the skills such as eye contact, asking questions, and volunteering to solve problems increased drastically. Teaching them became much simpler and the students enjoyed the classes themselves more.

Out of 125 participants, the average daily attendance was 90 participants from the 7 different schools.

Math increase of 24%

English increase of 11%

Overall average increase of 18%

Personal Statements

The students had 24 personal statement questions about their confidence in school, themselves, and how they deal with others. The pre-test questions showed a general lack of care for school and other people’s feelings. Their care for math was high, but care for English was lower. Every student had friends prior to this, but most wrote about the teammates and friends that they gained over the course of the program. After the lessons, students’ care for education did increase. The life skills lessons focused on goals such as graduating college, which made the kids want to continue to work hard. All students loved playing football, with some saying they were inspired to go out for their respective school team.

Many students’ statements on people’s thoughts, feelings, and helping others remained consistent through the pre-test and post-test. Most students put that they cared a little too somewhat about other people’s feelings. They were not very interested in knowing others their own moods and feelings as well. This trend was across the board and is something that should be focused on in later programs. The essay pictured reinforced the development of the students. These are a few examples, but it was a trend across the entire program.

Student Writing Sample

Football Development

The most noticeable thing about players at the beginning of the detail was the emphasis on personal skills. All players wanted to have a key role in scoring. The cadre emphasized teamwork, and by the end of the detail, all players realized the important aspect of the team. They wanted all players to be able to play to the best of their abilities, so they would check one another if unsportsmanlike actions were being taken. The coaches also ensured that all players touched the ball and contributed to the team, which was developmental in the student’s ability.

Student Writing Sample
Childrens playing sports
Players with coach

This Youth Impact Program is a remarkable inspirational reflection of the leadership of the 19 corps of cadets of the United States Military Academy at West Point that was the dream makers and igniters of hearts for these young boys from New York City that participated in the program.

Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth