YIP at MI, WP, HI,& NU

Jul 05, 2017

Michigan YIP on the Detroit News!

Photo by David Guralnick, The Detroit News

West Point YIP celebrated the fourth of July by doing a cookout and scavenger hunt. YIPsters went to historical points located around the United States Military Academy campus.  Highlights included being able to see where the cadets lived and a visit from the military police.
The military police visited our New York YIPsters and introduced themselves to the students.  One kid went out of the way to notify the cadre of the positive interaction he had with the military police stating:“These guys (Military Police) are so nice; my parents told me that all police are bad” These kinds of positive interaction is what YIP does to open and build the trusting relationship we aim to cultivate.

Hawaii Youth Impact Program began Monday igniting Hawaiian and Polynesian lives to make the community, the tribe and the state of Hawaii better!


Northwestern YIP held it’s Draft Night, Friday, June 30, 2017.