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Trey Johnson, Colonel, USA, Ret

National Director

Trey Johnson is the National Director of the Youth Impact Program, responsible for leading the organization and staff to fulfill its mission, vision, and growth for YIP to meet its full potential in reach and positive impact on disadvantaged, ‘at risk’ Youth through effective implementation of the YIP strategic plan.

A purpose-driven leader and visionary with extensive experience and education in the area of leadership including a master’s degree from the US Army War College, Trey has expertise in leadership development which is implemented in the YIP curriculum, helping countless at-risk youth find passion, meaning, and direction in their lives.

Mr. Johnson is a critical figure in developing and growing Youth Impact Programs, leveraging his years of experience as an adjunct professor of leadership at the University of Hawaii to strengthen and advance our mission.

A distinguished combat veteran and Airborne Ranger with numerous honors to his name, Trey retired as an Army Colonel, among his awards include the Soldiers Medal and Honolulu Hero Award. He is a dedicated retired Soldier and proud American, passionate about mentoring, coaching, and transforming ‘at risk’ Youth as our next generation of leaders on a path to success and a brighter future.


Sheila Medeiros, LTC, USA, Ret

Lead Development Coordinator

Sheila Medeiros is the Youth Impact Program’s Development Coordinator, responsible for the overall development of written grant proposals and applications to foundations and other grant-making organizations and individuals. Also, leads fundraising efforts for YIP-sponsored events.

With a background and extensive education—including a Master’s in Human Resources and Bachelor’s in Business Administration—Sheila is a marketing and business strategist with years of experience building, maintaining, and succeeding with international relationships. Her proven talent for increasing customer retention, expanding market share, and driving marketing initiatives has earned her a sterling reputation amongst her peers and the businesses she serves.

A decorated army veteran with over 36 years serving our country, Sheila spent 22 years on active duty and another 14 years with the National Guard. She's a proud, dedicated leader with an innate passion for advancing the YIP, helping our at-risk youth on their path to a better life through education, athletics, leadership development, and personal improvement.

Brandon Brunner

Chief Financial Officer

Coming Soon

Permanently Impacting Our Nation’s At-Risk, Inner-City Youth