Dreams Do Come True

Apr 17, 2018

Dear Dreamers, Dream Makers and Friends,

We are extremely honored and delighted to show that your biggest dreams in life can come true and no dream is too BIG not to come true. Our dream of having a Girls Youth Impact Program to compliment our Boys Youth Impact program will take place this July at the University of Michigan with at-risk young girls from Detroit.

For Wesley Ellison Stewart (Wes), who is a member of the Board of the Youth Impact Program, it has been a dream to launch an all girls program. The University of Michigan Girls Youth Impact Program was announced to Wesley and I on her wedding day, deep in the heart of Austin, Texas last Friday. More than serendipitous, it was fate set in stone by her leadership, her faith and her grit to bring forward an equal opportunity for young at-risk girls. Surrounded by great women role models of female student athletes supported by female teachers and female marines at the great University of Michigan, which in its four years is a leader of success in our boys programs there.

The Michigan Girls YIP program headed by Kayla Douglass and Sara Driesenga will be the first prototype and pilot program to understand and implement best practices to motivate and ignite young girls hearts from our inner cities to lead others and change their life trajectories in making positive change in their communities.

With winning and success of the Michigan Girls program comes expansion to the existing boys YIP programs across our country. It is a tremendous dream to achieve change in a preteens expectations of life so they can ignite their passion and those that they lead.

How very special it is to have your dreams come true on your wedding day!

Respectfully from the Father of the Bride and the founder of YIP,